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通用汽车不孤单 安全机构开始调查克莱斯勒点火故障_mg娱乐平台

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mg娱乐官网-As General Motors’ CEO Mary Barra offered up more details about her company’s switch issues before lawmakers on Wednesday, U.S. safety regulators have started investigating a second Detroit auto company, Chrysler.周三,就在通用汽车(General Motors)CEO玛丽o巴拉就公司的点燃电源问题向美国国会获取更加多细节之际,美国安全监管机构早已开始对底特律另外一家汽车公司进行调查,它就是克莱斯勒(Chrysler)。The two probes are examining air bag issues in which a defective switch may prevent the safety device from properly deploying in over 1 million Jeep, Dodge and Chrysler models, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).Administration, NHTSA)称之为,这两项调查针对的是汽车安全气囊问题。组装在100万多辆Jeep、道奇(Dodge)和克莱斯勒车型汽车上的一种不存在缺失的电源有可能阻碍安全气囊准确弹头出有。There are no deaths or injuries associated with the safety issues, the NHSTA said.NHSTA称之为,目前仍未找到与此安全性问题涉及的死伤。


The NHSTA also said that the investigations “are an outcome of communication with automotive manufacturers and suppliers regarding airbag design and performance related to the position of the vehicle ignition switch.” The agency added, “As part of NHTSA’s broader efforts to evaluate this issue, the agency examined all major manufacturers’ airbag deployment strategies as they relate to switch position.”NHSTA还回应,这些调查是“与汽车制造商和供应商就气囊设计和汽车点燃电源方位涉及性能展开交流后的结果。”这个政府机构还补足说道,作为NHTSA更加了解评估这一问题的一部分内容,它检测了所有主要制造商的气囊与电源方位涉及的打中部署。Chrysler also released a statement saying that it is “awaiting additional information from (NHTSA). The company is prepared to cooperate fully with the investigation.” It is currently unknown whether or not the investigations will lead to recalls of the Chrysler models.克莱斯勒还公布了一份声明称之为,该公司“正等待从(NHTSA)取得更加多信息。


它打算全力因应此项调查。”目前还不确切调查否将造成克莱斯勒车型汽车的解任。The General Motors GM -0.17% recalls, meanwhile, now include over 20 million vehicles worldwide. They started in February, and have been linked to the deaths of 13 individuals and 54 crashes.与此同时,通用汽车已在展开产品解任,如今全球已解任多达2,000万辆汽车。




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